Abe and Jayden gay bareback fucking


Abe and Jayden gay bareback fucking

Sean Cody says: ‘I could get used to this,’ Abe said. ‘Just come on out, have some sex, and relax.’ That’s what I love about Abe… he’s so easy going. ‘What do you think about Jayden?’ I asked.
‘He’s fun.’ Abe replied. ‘In fact, I even gave him a nickname… ‘fun size.’ Jayden laughed.

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‘Why do you call him ‘fun size?’’ I asked. ‘Well he’s smaller than I am,’ he said. ‘I like that.’ I could tell that Jayden liked Abe. Every time Abe’s dick went in, Jayden looked like he was in heaven. read more

Hunter Page and Cody Cummings


Hunter Page and Cody Cummings

Cody Cummings says: Hunter Page sits on the bed slowly undressing and caressing himself, sliding his pants down around his ankles and pulling the socks off his feet. Laying back on the bed Hunter watches as Cody Cummings approaches and straddles his face.

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Closing his eyes, he takes Cody’s naked cock into his mouth as Cody runs his hands up and down Hunter’s body. Hunter licks Cody’s balls and starts to work his way down Cody’s legs, reaching his ankles and letting his tongue dart in between Cody’s toes, sucking each one individually before making his way back up to Cody’s dick. read more

Max Chevalier and Christian Power


Max Chevalier and Christian Power

Men of Montreal says: 500 lbs. of pure muscles and 16 inches of powerful cocks!! Like an aircraft carrier, Max Chevalier and Christian Power, together, displace a lot of water. Christian blames his size on eating all his vegetables when he was a kid. And, when Max observed during the interview with Marko Lebeau that “I thought I was a big guy, but I just discovered I’m nothing…” it was clear that next to Christian’s 6’3” towering stature, he kinda dwarfs in comparison.

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Nonetheless, as the top in this scene, Max still ends up being the one in charge. Christian however was, in this scene, more comfortable than we’ve ever seen him yet. He appeared comfortable, even when taking his largest cock yet up the ass! read more

19 year old twink Justin Evans jerking off


19 year old twink Justin Evans jerking off

Bentley Race says: I finally got to meet up with this Polish twink Justin when we landed in Berlin. 19 year old Justin completely surprised me when he took the 5 hour train journey down to Berlin to meet us. I had planned to spend the day hanging out with him, but we got landed with a load of guys all at once.

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So Zac was the lucky one to take Justin through his first porn shoot. I popped my head in once to catch our newest mate getting himself hard for the video scene while Zac laid on the floor filming from below. Justin is pretty dam cute as he flashes a cheeky smile at the camera while he pulls down his colourful undies. read more

Bradley Hudson and Seth Bond Flip Flop Fuck


Bradley Hudson and Seth Bond Flip Flop Fuck

Dylan Lucas says: Dylan Lucas’s Bradley Hudson has really had fun with Seth Bond every time they get together for me. Bradley and Seth have really gotten to like each other so they decided to see if Bradley wanted to hang out with Seth and see what happens.

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Bradley brought his massage table hoping to relax Seth and of course play with ass. After some talk about the swell last week and skateboarding the talk turned to sex. Seth had just bottomed for the first time and said it was cool but that he was so nervous because it was the first time he doesn’t remember much about it. read more

Pete and Brandon bareback fucking at Sean Cody


Pete and Brandon bareback fucking

Sean Cody says: Look who’s back. It’s Pete. ‘Yeah it’s been about three years or so,’ he said. I couldn’t believe it had been that long. Pete has been busy with school and, as he puts it: ‘Just concentrating on ‘me’ a little bit…’ I had started up a conversation with him a few months ago and I finally put something out there I knew he couldn’t resist…

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‘Why don’t you come back?’ I had asked him. ‘Let’s have Brandon fuck you.’ Before I knew it he was here in Brandon’s arms. ‘You’re ready to be back, huh?’ I asked. I already knew the answer. ‘Yeah I like it.’ he replied, snuggling up closer to Brandon. read more

David Sweet and Michael Troy


David Sweet and Michael Troy

Bentley Race says: David Sweet brings over his mate Michael Troy. Michael is a Hungarian gay porn star and is super hot. David immediately goes down on Michael’s chowing down on his fast exploding cock, it grows to a huge size in just seconds of a gentle touch.

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The sexy boys flex their muscles and generally fool then Michael turns David around and starts pumping his cock deep into David’s boy hole. Getting drilled so expertly by this muscle stud turned David into a total cock slut. read more

Peter and Troy Bareback


Peter and Troy Bareback

Sean Cody says: ‘It’s going to be tough doing better than last time,’ Peter said. ‘That was pretty hot… having two guys at once.‘ It had been a few months since I’d seen Peter. But he was back and he was excited and he’d put on some more muscle.

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‘You’re bigger than you were the last time I saw you,’ I said. ‘Yeah, I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard.’ ‘Well, I think today is going to be a lot of fun,’ I said. ‘Have you seen Troy’s hairy ass yet?’ read more