Aaron Bruiser, Charlie Harding, John Magnum, Luke Adams and Rikk York


Men.com says: By New Year’s Eve, Luke Adams has settled into his new home he shares with Charlie Harding and Aaron Bruiser. Luke’s “daddies” have invited a couple friends, John Magnum and Rikk York, over to ring in the New Year. John and Rikk are intrigued when they meet Luke who is a perfect houseboy.
When the clock strikes midnight everyone shares some traditional kisses, but one kiss lasts a little too long. The others see this, get turned on and can’t help but join in the fun. The kissing soon turns into a lot more and each daddy takes a turn fucking Luke. read more

Rusty bareback fucked by hot muscle boy Brody


Sean Cody says: Sexy muscle dude Brody already has a boner in his pants when he first sees Rusty. Brody strips naked and licks his tongue deep between Rusty’s smooth ass cheeks.
He rims Rusty’s man hole deep getting it wet and lubed ready for his hard erect cock. Brody slides his raw dick deep into Rusty’s tight asshole. Holding on to Rusty’s hips, Brody pulls himself deeper and deeper, pumping his cock balls deep.
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Angel Cruz fucking Max Carter


Cockyboys says: It’s always an exciting moment when I introduce a new Cockyboy to the world. But this time it’s even more exciting because Angel Cruz is from Barcelona and if you’ve ever been to Spain or met any boys from that part of Europe then you already things are about to get HOT in here.
And I don’t mean hot just because Angel has a flawless body, a perfect 6 pack, and a dick to die for. No. I mean passionate, aggressive, sweaty, balls deep kind of hot.
Max Carter was already getting horny just listening to Angel talk. His accent pretty much had Max hooked right away. He was willing to do anything Angel said.
First, of course, was sucking his dick. All the way to the base. Max was definitely not holding back this time. He was hungry for it and he couldn’t get enough of that big dick. Next, Angel wanted a taste of Max’s huge cock as well so they switched positions and Angel sucked Max just as good as Max sucked him. But the fun has just begun.
After a short ass eating session, Max was begging for it. And Angel couldn’t wait to give it to him. There wasn’t much easing into it. Both guys are natural pros. Whether it was missionary, on his back, or riding it on top, Max just couldn’t seem to get enough.
Finally, he gave in and as Angel was stroking Max’s cock while fucking him at the same time Max shot his massive load all over his chest. Angel didn’t wait long before covered Max’s chest with a second load and then licking it all up and feeding it to Max. read more

Gorgeous ripped young muscle jock Orian


Sean Cody says: Young tanned muscle jock Orian has a big smile on his face as he lies back and slips his shorts over his knees. His big boy, uncut cock is already semi-erect heading for a full on boner.
As he jerks his dick, you see the tan lines around his ass where his speedos should be. As Orian bends over opening up the hairy crack of his pink smooth ass cheeks, check out his tight pink man hole.
Orian wanks his uncut dick sliding his foreskin back and forth over his bulbous cockhead. The increased sensation brings him close to his orgasm and after just a few more strokes, Orian lets rip with a huge spurt of muscle boy creamy jizz. read more

Franco gives Liam a nice deep-throat blowjob


Straight Fraternity says: Liam likes attention, so when he learned that people were asking to see more of him, he jumped at the chance. Franco gives him his reward, a nice deep-throat blowjob along with some firm stroking. Liam laughs as he unloads in Franco’s mouth. It’s the first time he’s ever gotten off from a blowjob.

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Joey Ricco fucks Japanese boy Mitsuo


SD Boy says: Sexy Joey Ricco “dives” into some Asian ass. Mitsuo is on the bed and bored. When Joey comes in to chat, the idea of messing around “cums up” and both boys are down for it, but only Mitsuo will bottom today. Kissing and fondling helps “loads” and that’s before Joey slides in. Putting the bottom in position, both agree this is the way to go, or “go at it.” Mitsuo is on his side with Joey “very close behind.”
Thrusting, the top saves the “balls deep” until the bottom goes missionary. With the camera zooming in from below and side angle, these two help one another “get a head” of the boredom. Pumping slowly, Joey says he could, “fuck this ass all day.” Doggie style, the top grabs at Mitsuo’s hips for traction while the camera gets a nice view. “This feels so good,” moans the bottom before they jerk to “cum-pletion.” Joey does a nice cum dump onto the bottom’s body; Mitsuo then oozes out all over his shaft. They agree, “that was better than watching TV.” read more

Cruz, Jaxon and Niko hot fucking threesome


Active Duty says: Niko and Cruz are in their singlet’s after an apparent wrestling match and their about to hit the locker room shower. They give each other some handslappin’ and congratulatory hugs but the ‘bromance’ quickly turns to kissing and ass-slapping.
Soon enough Jaxon the ‘towel boy’ comes in wearing his red, white and blue jockstrap and Niko and Cruz waste no time at all getting in some feels as they bring Jaxon between them and rub his body all over, playing with his ass.
They pull their cocks out and teach him how to kiss a cock properly and Cruz quickly notices that the towel boy is sporting some major wood himself.They question how bad Jaxon wants to be ‘part of the team’ and Jaxon makes it more than apparent that he’s eager.
By the time this fantasy comes to a close they’ve all had their asses fucked good and their fantasies satisfied. And they agree that this will become a regular occurrence‘same time every week’ as the fantasy closes out with a three way kiss. Lips locked tight like two wrestlers on the mat. read more