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Sean Cody says: Levi is so adorable! He’s bisexual and has been playing sports (mainly baseball) for a long time – a natural born athlete according to himself.
He’s definitely an interesting guy, especially when he told us about his secret stash of dildos hidden in his base drum at home.
“I have seven dildos, I love them! All different sizes, shapes, colors and creeds – my favorites!” He spoke so fondly of them.
When we asked him about his perfect date, all that came out was “straight to anal!”
Instant curiosity sparked, “Who’s getting the anal? You or them?”
He answered confidently, “Either or. I’m a giver and a receiver.”
When it was time to get down and dirty, he whipped out his hard cock and stroke it until he blew a nice load…with a huge dildo up his butt! We knew we found somebody special!
“Will we see you again?”
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Watch as he takes JJ’s cock up on the hood of the police cruiser out in the open air.

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Belami says: This week we released the next installment in our huge Offensively Large series. This time Joel Birkin is flying solo without Jack Harrer, but joining him to make up the monster cock ranks is newcomer Raf Koons. Another newbie is Jon Kael, who wants to take his chance on 2 of the biggest cocks for his debut scene.

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Spunk Worthy says: Mitch is 24 year old and another one of our upstanding military men here in San Diego. He had been thinking about getting into porn since he was hit up a handful of months back, but that situation “seemed sketchy.” Most recently, when he was approached, things fell into place pretty quickly and he decided to go ahead make the leap.
That’s not to say he wasn’t nervous. As soon as the cameras were turned on, you could almost see the beads of sweat on his face as he anticipated shedding his clothes for the world to see. As we got started on the Q&A part of the shoot, his anxiety slowly stripped away. Especially when we got to the subject of what he gets into sexually.
It was a little surprising to hear that Mitch is into bondage, he likes ropes and tying his girlfriends up. I asked if he ever liked to be tied up himself.
“Sometimes,” he replied with a mischievous smirk. “Depends on the situation. If they don’t know what they’re doing, then I just break free.”
Mitch has an infrequent jack-off schedule, preferring to go out and find a hook-up. He did, however, bust a nut in probably the most unusual place I’ve ever heard: on a military helicopter cruising at 5,000 feet.
Despite the normally rare dick stroking, Mitch had rubbed one out the night before. My guess was that he got turned on thinking about the shoot and decided to go for a practice round. As nervous as he seemed at the outset, the smile on his face when he was naked and the camera came in for the close-ups of his uncut cock told a whole different story. He was clearly getting a thrill out of the experience of showing off for the first time.
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Kristen Bjorn says: Adam Rupert and Ivo Kerk are working out at the gym when Marco Rubi comes in and starts drawing a lot of attention by flexing his perfectly sculpted muscles. The pumping of so much muscle has raised the testosterone levels in this gym.
The guys drop their shorts and Ivo steps up on a bench so that Marco can suck on his cock as Adam sucks on Marco’s cock. Adam and Marco flip back and forth on Ivo’s cock as well as each other’s hard cocks. Marco braces himself on a bench as he sucks on Adam’s cock and Ivo penetrates Marco’s huge muscular ass dry.
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Jake Cruise says: I first met Derek Parker when he came to my studio to shoot a scene for Cocksure Men. I couldn’t believe how sexy he was. Since then he has performed in several scenes and is one of the 10 most popular men on the site.
I dreamed of getting my hands on Derek for years. Derek and I start kissing with my hand on his firm body. He’s a great kisser, which is no surprise. I remove his shirt revealing his chiseled and tattooed torso. I can’t keep my hands, or mouth, off of him.
I unbutton his jeans and turn him towards me, showing off his astounding bubble butt. I strip him down to his jock strap and begin some serious muscle worship. Soon my mouth is wrapped around his cock sticking through the jock. I turn Derek over and kiss his strong, hairy back, all the way down to his hole and finally the tip of his dick.
I rim his sweet hole and suck his hard rod. I turn him back over and lift his legs up to get a better lick at his ass. After all of my hard work, it’s time for Derek to get active. I lay on my back, he straddles me, then fucks my mouth.
After a good face fuck Derek Parker sprays a load on my mouth and shirt, keeps stroking, then cums a second time as my tongue catches his cream. I swallow his juice.
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