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CzechHunter says: This morning I was just so damn horny.

I decided that I needed to get some fresh air and perhaps find some fresh meat on my outdoor adventure.

It was a cold morning but I wrapped up warm and hit the park.

As I turned the bend I happened upon a cute guy walking with rollerblades in his hands.

I used them as an excuse to open a conversation.

It turned out that this guy although only 25 years old already had commitments in terms of a GF and a young son.

Times are hard for young people especially for young families in Czechia. read more

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CzechHunter says: I headed out to a sports park close to the outskirts of Prague near my apartment.

I thought I would do few exercises and watch out for some cute guys working out.

I had only just arrived when I was approached by a nice smartly dressed young dude who passed by me looking inquisitive.

I caught him writing down some notes in his notepad so I decided to go after him and ask him some leading questions.

The dude worked for an electricity company and his job was to write down numbers on meters people have in their homes. read more

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CzechHunter says: I met young straight dude Albert under a bridge, where this amateur painter was drawing some sketches.

I simply observed him for a while as I didn’t want to disturb an artist at work. Fortunately, he didn’t mind a little conversation.

The guy was such a sweetheart, very polite and intelligent. He was also incredibly sexy and only 19 years old.

We had a nice chat, but I started talking business pretty quickly.

First, I paid him for painting me, and after that things escalated fast. read more

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CzechHunter says: Czech people are mad about mushrooms and people head out to the forests around Prague to search for these delicacies.

I am an avid mushroom fan so I headed out to have a nice walk in the woods searching for two of my favorite things, hot men and tasty mushrooms.

Not long after I had set off from my car I bumped into a cutie whose side job was picking and selling mushrooms.

He was originally from Russia but had moved to Prague for quite some time.

It turned out that this guy didn’t have a full-time job and he worked at several different jobs on a part-time basis. read more

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CzechHunter says: On my way back into the city I passed a young dude at the side of the road thumbing a life.

It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve had a hitchhiker that I thought may as well try my luck.

Well as it turned out this guy had already had a bad day, he’d lost his wallet with his entire monthly salary inside.

I couldn’t retrieve his wallet but I could maybe help him with some ready cash.

I was more than happy to make a little detour.

This dude was only 21 years old and very handsome. read more

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CzechHunter says: I bumped into my next sexy straight dude whilst I was wandering around a beautiful countryside park.

I came across him in a clearing as he was sitting on a bench catching some sun.

I got interested when he told me he was a financial advisor who was just waiting to meet a client.

So I was happy when he mentioned that the guy didn’t show up so I realized that he had lost a commission.

He looked smart, with a nice shirt so we got talking.

They were supposed to discuss a mortgage application, but I guess the client changed his mind. read more

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CzechHunter says: As in most countries the Czechs dislike being bothered at home by door-to-door selling and in some regions there are laws forbidding it.

So I was very surprised to bump into this super cute dude who was attempting to get people to sign up for new electricity supply contracts.

The guy was very good looking so I was keen to engage him in conversation.

Fortunately, he was nice enough to have a chat and easy to convince to make some easy cash on the side.

His job wasn’t going that great, probably because you have to be kind of ruthless in order to succeed. read more

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CzechHunter says: Today I have wasted almost the whole day searching for willing guys although I wasn’t able to even to chat to anyone.

As the sun went down, I started on my way home, mightily disappointed.

Following the car’s satnav led me down a broken dirt track in the middle of the country.

I passed a parked car on the side of the narrow road and I stopped just after and got out to check things out.

The car’s owner had his head under the hood and he was trying everything to get the car started. read more

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CzechHunter says: Today I decided to head off to a football stadium looking for a sexy soccer player but instead in the roadway outside I came upon a young cute dude who was waiting for friends.

I found the young man very engaging, he claimed he was lacking in good looks but it was he who always dumped his girlfriends mostly out of boredom with them.

I thought he was quite sexy, and certainly pretty good looking in my eyes.

I convinced him to forget about his tardy friend and go with me instead and make some nice cash. read more

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CzechHunter says: It was a beautiful day and I decided to head out to a reservoir on the outskirts of Prague to see who I could find.

At first, I thought the place was deserted but I came across a really strange cute young dude who was wanking as he spied on some girls who were changing their clothes some way off on the other side.

He didn’t spot me at first, so I got everything on camera.

He got very upset when I approached him and started asking about his pervy hobby.

It was really funny. I didn’t want to lecture him; he was just a dude full of sexual energy. read more